Saturday, 3 May 2008


Now that I think about it, quite a lot has happened over the past week.

On Thursday I was given 1 week's notice of termination of employment, as they are not able to supply me with the leads I need to do business, and they reckon it will take over a year to be able to sign me off as a competent adviser.

I have to say that I was relieved when this happened, as I really do not enjoy my job. I was given Friday off, so I put it to good use and applied for a load of jobs, and secured 2 interviews for the coming week (although one was with a temp agency, so probably doesnt really count!).

Rohain dinged 67 the other day as well, and I immediately equipped her with the Shroud of Spiritual Purity, which dropped for Daergel ages ago, and saved especially for Rohain. Finally, after a very long time she is back in a dress, which suits her far more than a tunic and trousers!

I took Daergel into Karazhan last night, and managed to pick up the Handwraps of Flowing Thought (yay!) from Attumen, which was fantastic as far as I was concerned, as I have been after these for ages, ever since I lost the DKP roll to another lock. Our guild don't seem to do DKP in Kara any more, which I thought was odd, but didnt question it - they run SSC, BT and Hyjal now, so I guess Kara is on farm for them. We missed Maiden, got past the Opera event which was Wizard of Oz, and went out and back in the back door to do Netherspite, and wiped repeatedly before calling it a night. I can't see myself getting back in before it resets, which is a shame, but maybe I'll get to the end one day!

I pre-ordered Wrath of the Lich King from Amazon as well, even though no official release date has been announced, but at least I'll be able to keep up with the guild this time, with at least 2 level 70 characters by the time it comes out - and I want to ensure Rohain is nicely equipped and has an epic flyer by then as well!

On another subject, we went bowling today, and I beat my previous high score of 129, and instead scored 180, which was a fantastic result, and would have been even better if, after 2 strikes in the final frame, I had not totally missed the pins to strike out on the third shot.

Anyway, enough for now - bedtime!