Saturday, 3 May 2008


Now that I think about it, quite a lot has happened over the past week.

On Thursday I was given 1 week's notice of termination of employment, as they are not able to supply me with the leads I need to do business, and they reckon it will take over a year to be able to sign me off as a competent adviser.

I have to say that I was relieved when this happened, as I really do not enjoy my job. I was given Friday off, so I put it to good use and applied for a load of jobs, and secured 2 interviews for the coming week (although one was with a temp agency, so probably doesnt really count!).

Rohain dinged 67 the other day as well, and I immediately equipped her with the Shroud of Spiritual Purity, which dropped for Daergel ages ago, and saved especially for Rohain. Finally, after a very long time she is back in a dress, which suits her far more than a tunic and trousers!

I took Daergel into Karazhan last night, and managed to pick up the Handwraps of Flowing Thought (yay!) from Attumen, which was fantastic as far as I was concerned, as I have been after these for ages, ever since I lost the DKP roll to another lock. Our guild don't seem to do DKP in Kara any more, which I thought was odd, but didnt question it - they run SSC, BT and Hyjal now, so I guess Kara is on farm for them. We missed Maiden, got past the Opera event which was Wizard of Oz, and went out and back in the back door to do Netherspite, and wiped repeatedly before calling it a night. I can't see myself getting back in before it resets, which is a shame, but maybe I'll get to the end one day!

I pre-ordered Wrath of the Lich King from Amazon as well, even though no official release date has been announced, but at least I'll be able to keep up with the guild this time, with at least 2 level 70 characters by the time it comes out - and I want to ensure Rohain is nicely equipped and has an epic flyer by then as well!

On another subject, we went bowling today, and I beat my previous high score of 129, and instead scored 180, which was a fantastic result, and would have been even better if, after 2 strikes in the final frame, I had not totally missed the pins to strike out on the third shot.

Anyway, enough for now - bedtime!

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Catch 22

Nothing much to report today, except for the fact that it was marginally less shit than yesterday! I need to remember to contact the College about the CCNA course - apparently an interview is required as part of the entry requirement, and I am worried. It also says that ideally you should be working in an IT environment, but I want to do the course to help me get a job in such an environment!

Catch 22...

Anyway, I need to remember to call them at the beginning of May if I haven't heard from them by then.

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

What a day

After a fantastic day at Chessington yesterday - that was a day that rates up there with days that you want to replay - I had a really shit day today.

Maybe yesterday was the problem - it was such a great day that it highlighted just how much I really don't like my job. And that reminds me of 2 other things that hacked me off today; the first being that there were no jobs in my subscription today, and the agency didnt call me back about a job I enquired about last week.

Added to that, I had prepared everything for an appointment this evening, then my boss pulled it apart about 90 minutes before I was due to leave, so that I was still finishing up 5 minutes after I should have left. I know he is thorough but I think he overdoes it sometimes (hmmm just realised that overdoes and overdose are anagrams of each other - maybe there's a message in there somewhere...!).

Tomorrow will probably be crap as well when the shit will really hit the fan, as he was observing my appointment - even the client said that he repeated what I had told him, and yes, I will pass that on while I am receiving a bollocking for missing out just about everything that could be missed out.

All I can say at the moment is omfg I want a non-financial services related job - stacking shelves at Tesco is looking highly appealing right now...

Monday, 21 April 2008


I have come to the conclusion that daily blogging is just not going to happen, so I will just do what I can as often as I can!

Today was an inset day (or teacher training day) at my children's school. When I went to school we never had things like this; as far as I was aware, all the teacher training days were done in the school holidays - I think the teachers get it easy these days (hard hat firmly on!!!)!

Anyway, we took advantage of the fact that not all schools would have an inset day, and went to Chessington World of Adventures, in Surrey. Another throwback to my younger days - I remember when it was just a zoo, with a fairground area with a few rides, like a big wheel, etc.

It turned out to be a good choice - apart from the traffic this morning. I was right - not all other schools were off, as we had to fight through the traffic this morning, then take a detour as there are temporary traffic lights in Southborough. When there are temporary traffic lights in Southborough, it is best to avoid at all costs, especially as the traffic was backed up all the way down St John's Road as far as we could see.

Once we got past that, we had slow (but at least moving) traffic on the M25, and arrived at the Park at about 9:45am. It turns out that a few of Chessington's local schools also had inset days, so there were a few people there, but nothing like what you would typically see during a school holiday. The only ride we really had to wait for was Dragons Fury; this is a rollercoaster where the car spins round as well.

I have to say that overall, the day was a success. My son, who wouldn't go on the Vampire Ride twice when we went last time, went on everything except Rameses Revenge (if you have been to Alton Towers, think Ripsaw!), and my daughter really surprised me by going on the Mine Train and the Log Flume, and enjoyed them - she was chattering away on both the rides.

I had discussed with my wife about this being the acid test for a future trip to Alton Towers, and I have to say that it looks positive that we might be able to go there as a family. I prefer Alton Towers as the rides are bigger, better and a lot faster!

The only downside is the extra travelling involved, and the additional cost of an overnight stay. All we need now is an inset day on a Friday!

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Thursday 17 April

Not the most interesting of titles, but not a particularly interesting day.

I had an appointment this morning with a man who wants a pension and an appointment with a young couple this evening who want a pension. In between I sat in on a meeting with a man who has pensions.

I had a more interesting time this morning before I went out - I receive an email every day with IT related jobs, which I go through, discounting all the contract ones and those that are out of the area I am willing to travel.

Don't get me wrong, I am prepared to travel, but not more than 50 miles, which I don't think is unreasonable.

I generally see one or two jobs that may be suitable, but then I call the employment agency who think otherwise. Because I have no particular experience to speak of - just minor things that I have done in previous jobs (setting up wireless networks, rebuilding PCs, technical queries counts for nothing), and no IT qualifications it means that I will be very lucky to get any position in IT - I guess there are too many other people gunning for the same job.

I will keep looking and keep applying - one day if I am persistent I'll get my break...

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Maybe I should diary this?

I started with good intentions, I really did, but getting to do this every day is harder to do than it sounds!

What have I been up to that has kept me away for 3 days? Wii Sports, that's what! I saw a different technique on the bowling and have been practicing, with little success, unfortunately. I even made a new Mii to practice with, but been having an easier time with the tennis. Actually, on reflection I made the new Mii as my father in law mentioned that there is not much of an audience when you first start tennis. This was a long time ago for me (I am nearer 2000 than 1000 now, so always have a full court!), so started a new character to see for myself. I have taken the opportunity to practice my bowling with him too without affecting my main character.

On to World of Warcraft: first of all, Daergel. I can't remember how much I have told you about my main character, so quick precis: he is level 70. Notable events are that he dropped herbalism for tailoring, and only in the last few days has he made it to 375 and crafted the last piece of Frozen Shadoweave. He now has an epic flying mount, after what seemed ages grinding dailies for the cash to get the skill, and he is working for a netherdrake, which (in my opinion) looks like a proper Warlock mount.

I met up with a couple of Rohain's ex-guildies who are new to Alliance, but seem new to Outland, as they didnt know where the Netherwing chain started - I took them there and left them to it as it was getting late!

As I said, they used to be in the same guild as Rohain, but I took the decision to take Rohain from the guild for 2 reasons - I am into questing, not into RP (yes she is on an RP server, but that is because I was introduced to WoW by someone on that server!), and there never seems to be anyone online at the same time as me. Heroes of Old is much busier and I therefore have more opportunity to team up with guildies instead of pugging all the time. Rohain is 65 now and working through the Honor Hold quests, having got to within 1 point from Honored by running Ramparts and Blood Furnace, and filling in the rest of the time grinding Timbermaw Hold and Wintersaber Trainers rep, for the exalted rewards from both factions. It's long and boring!

Gaynor (my mage) dinged 52 in Western Plaguelands this evening, and I am hoping to get her to Outland before much longer. Ideally I want 3 level 70 players ready for the new expansion, Wrath of the Lich King. Apparently it is in alpha testing, so will be a few months yet, but I am sure this will melt away before I know it.

More later!

Sunday, 13 April 2008

I missed a day!

I missed Saturday. That's because I watched TV with my wife - Saturdays are when we do that. After that we played on the Wii for awhile, then she went to bed, while I tried to increase my skill on the Wii Tennis - now up to 2007 after dropping to just over 1900 initially. A few weeks ago I was up at 1998, but had a rough run of games.

I also played some golf, which I found quite relaxing, and cooled down a little after playing the tennis, then I played Super Mario Galaxy for only the second time since we bought the game, which was in December!!!

On other matters, I am having issues with my Dell laptop. I have restored it as there was too much crap on there, but when I install the driver for the wireless card it freezes up and I cant use it. Bloody annoying, but I should be able to solve it.

Off now for a shower!

Friday, 11 April 2008

My holiday

I noticed last night after I had posted that I didn't mention my holiday. At all!

Two weeks in the hot sun, while in England it rained, or so I heard! I had never been to any part of Spain before - previous holidays were Corfu, Zante (or Zakynthos), Turkey and Crete - notice a pattern emerging?!! My son had been hassling for Spain, so I compromised with Menorca, and I have to say that I am glad that I did.

There were events for the children and the adults twice a day at the Apartments - we stayed at the Lord Nelson Apartments in Santo Tomas, which is a stone's throw from the beach, literally! We walked out on to the path behind the apartments, crossed over onto a wooden walkway down to what is probably one of the best beaches on the island. Son Bou beach was probably better, but much much busier than our one.

We also hired a car which allowed us to see more of the island, rather than being stuck in one place, and that was a good choice too, as the trips were overpriced, and some of the attractions were over sold. We went to some place that was meant to be fantastic, and all it was was a glorified cafe that doubled as a nightclub. The only view was the sea, which wasnt particularly exciting, and I am glad we didnt pay for a trip there - we stayed for a drink and then were on our way to Binibeka (or something!).

I was sorry when the 2 weeks were over, and definitely intend to go there again, when I can hopefully give a better account of the holiday as it will be fresh in my memory.

I'm off now to play some WoW as its getting late

Thursday, 10 April 2008

It's been awhile

When I first started this blog, it was meant to be a daily thing, much like a few other blogs I have seen. To begin with, it was. Every day, before logging onto WoW I'd spend 20-30 minutes updating. Then I went on holiday, I think I posted once or twice when I got back, then it just petered out.

Anyway, I am hoping that it will go back to a daily event, but I need to catch up a little first:

Since August 2007 I have changed jobs, rolled new characters on another server, and passed a couple of exams.

The new job was borne of necessity; I simply couldn't continue to support the family and remain self-employed - what with the credit crunch biting, I wasn't writing enough business, so I ended up taking an employed position.

And it is since starting my new job that I have been made painfully aware of my shortcomings as a financial adviser. I thought I was doing a good job as an IFA (Independent Financial Adviser) - I knew I had stuff to learn, but I thought the advice side of things was ok.

How wrong can someone be about something. The upshot is that I don't know how much longer I have left; working for a small company means that everyone is far more important, and the business has to get on the books, or it is not worth their while keeping me on - or should I say that they cannot afford for me not to write the business. As I am not enjoying what I am doing, I guess it is only a matter of time...

But I have been wanting to work in IT for a while - in 1998 I even took a university course to start a degree in computing, but circumstances happened, and the company I was working for were paying for everyone to take the Financial Planning Certificate, which was the basic qualification you need to become a financial adviser. Their view was though that a more qualified workforce is a better workforce (or something along those lines!). So I sat all 3 papers and got my certificate within 10 months.

In the intervening years I have taken more exams - G10 (Taxation and Trusts), CeMap (Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice) and more recently CF2 and CF4, which are to do with investments and retirement planning respectively.

Now that I have decided that I definitely want to work in IT, I need to study some more, and am looking to take CCNA, which is a Cisco Networking certification, which I am hoping will get me into IT, even if it is at a basic level.

It's getting late and I am tired, so I am signing off for now - hopefully more tomorrow...

Saturday, 25 August 2007

I'm back!

After 2 weeks of sun in Menorca, I am back, and it is almost like I have never been away.

Had to check over 700 emails (over 500 were deleted without even opening), after suitcases unpacked and the washing cycle started.

Now we have to go shopping, retrieve some (hopefully still alive) goldfish, and take our daughter to a birthday party!

I'll tell more about my holiday later, but right now I have other things that need to be done!