Tuesday, 31 July 2007

More graphics card woes

I really should think about getting a new graphics card - it went about 3 times in Orgrimmar today, and again when I got to Shattrath. When I go to Shattrath I always port to SW as I can work out how to get to the main courtyard where the bank, AH is, etc, without having to restart. So I took care of business in SW, hearthed back to Allerian Stronghold and restarted my pc.

I have an Orc Warrior now, called Broxxigar (couldnt have the one 'x' version, so doubled it up). If you have read the War of the Ancients Trilogy you'll know where I am coming from with this name. At least it was not yet another Legolaaaaaas or variation thereof that you see on a semi-regular basis - at least he is actually native to Azerothian lore!

I get confused myself sometimes, so let me run through each of my characters:

Gnome Warlock - level 67
Human Mage - level 46
Night Elf Druid - level 34
Human Rogue - level 31
Dwarven Hunter - level 22
Draenei Priest - level 41
Human Paladin - level 28
Undead Mage - level 23
Blood Elf Warlock - level 8

Human Rogue - level 17
Human Warrior - level 14

Human Mage - level 16 (on a PVP server)

Tauren Shaman - level 15

Orc Warrior - level 12

The spaces divide the servers - I only have one on a PVP server; the others are on RP or PVE servers, so that if a server goes down, I always have an alternative, and at least I wont be in the newbie starting area, which is what happened on the PVP server when all the others seemd to be down - there wasnt a kobold to be had!

Anyway, I am off now to kill myself some Auchenai Doomsayers.

Monday, 30 July 2007

WoW and my graphics card

As I write this, my PC is restarting.

Whenever I go to Outland, Shattrath in particular... hold that thought, my PC now says CPU Over Temperture Error!

Not a typo here, but it does actually say that on my PC.

Anyway, Shattrath is the city of doom as far as my graphics card is concerned. At least, I assume it is my graphics card. Everyone I ask seems to point me in that direction, so I need to raise some cash to buy one.

I may be a financial adviser, but I am a poor one at the moment - new fence, new holiday, alarm on car repaired, serviced both cars, etc, etc, etc...

Anyway, graphics card. Well, when I go to Shattrath, all the buildings disappear, and you get people apparently walking in thin air. When you go into a building, it is just not worth bothering to try and work out how to get around. Sometimes hitting the Windows key works to take you back to the desktop, and go back in, and sometimes it doesn't, which necessitates a restart.

All because I was farming Netherweb Spider Silk with my lock, and wanted to sell some stuff in my bags and stock up on some food before I head out to the Bone Wastes.

Oops, that is the shopping arrived from Tesco - must dash!!!

Sunday, 29 July 2007

Herod's dead!

Just ran Scarlet Monastery's Armory and completed the quest by killing Herod. A few well-timed AoE spells took care of the adds after Herod was killed, but it gave me no xp as I am 46 and they were 30-ish. Never mind, that's one less quest, and some more xp!

Next stop Tanaris, where I am hoping to be able to do Zul'Farrak. I have the Mallet, and 7 quests for ZF in my log, so let's hope I can run it soon!

My second post

Don't worry, I'm not going to number each of my posts like this, I am still thinking about what to call them - titles aren't really one of my strong points, but I can write a good suitability letter.

What is a suitability letter? In layman's terms, it is a letter of recommendation. I saw a client the other day, and recommended a mortgage, life cover, an investment and a pension, and I have to write them a suitabililty letter which confirms the reasons for the recommendation. It also protects both parties to a certain extent if a complaint arises in the future.

Anyway, back to WoW... I teamed up with a guildie last night to do a couple of quests in Stranglethorn Vale - he wanted me to help him with finding some big tablets - you need to find four - as he found that two of them were surrounded by mean looking trolls, some of which had orange hair. Quite worrying, really, but I asked him to share the quest, and it turns out I wasnt eligible, as I hadnt done Strange Medicine and killed 15 of the mobs in Kurzen's Compound.

That job done, we went looking for these tablets. Oh, I was playing my priest, by the way, which was a good job as lots of healing was needed, and the other chap drowned while doing one of the tablets. I managed to complete Curse of the Tides as well, so it helped my quest log, and I am about 6 bars off 41, and I havent handed those in yet.

Today, I havent really done anything much. It was one of those days when you have nothing planned, and you take full advantage, and the kids seemed to be absolutely fine all day. We got out a puzzle that we hadnt done in over 10 years (before our first one was born!!!), and both decided that they wanted to help. It is one of those 3d ones, so we are building a castle.

It is quite frustrating - when you get to a corner you are not always 100% sure whether you have them round the right way, as they either look like they match perfectly, or not quite, so you have to use a bit of trial and error before you get it right!

Anyway, I am off to play WoW now - hopefully I can dispatch Herod in the armory before the quest goes grey...

Saturday, 28 July 2007

My first post

Ok, my first post. What to write about?

I have been reading Tobold's blog, and it leaves me wondering how they write so much. Tolbold, in case you didn't know, has been blogging about World of Warcraft for the last 2 years, but has decided to cancel his subscription, at least for now.

I haven't been playing as long as him, but I am still playing when I can (which is quite often, actually!). I have several characters that I play, and mainly Alliance (I have 4 Horde characters spread over 3 different servers), my main being a Warlock, but I also have a Mage, Priest, Druid, Paladin, Hunter, Rogue... I think I have all the classes covered over the 4 servers that I use!

I started them when I hit the low 40s with my lock. I just got my mount, and then for some reason I didn’t really progress as easily, so got bored with playing him and rolled other classes, for no particular reason.

I suppose it gave me a chance to try out the other available professions, though, and I am regularly mailing materials and potions, etc around my characters, rather than selling them on the Auction House.

It means therefore, that I can't give you a blow-by-blow account of life from level 1, but I hope to recount some of my experiences from where they are now.

My Mage, for example. Yesterday she went to the Cathedral wing of the Scarlet Monastery. She is my second character to get to level 46, but the first to visit SM. I forgot she had been to another part, as one of the quests in her log has been partially completed. 'In The Name of the Light' is where you have to kill 4 bosses in 3 wings (you don't need to go to the graveyard for this quest), and up until then, I had only killed Loksey (who hangs out in the Library - this is where the Scarlet Key is, which gives you access to the Armory and the Cathedral).

We had 2 shammys, me, a hunter and a tank. We made it through, although we wiped once (except the hunter, of course), but with two self-rezzing rezzers, it wasn’t too much of a worry.

Anyway, we got back to where the entrances all were, and one of the party said that they would get one of their alts to run me through the last part to kill Herod, and this is where the unfortunate consequences of a male playing a female were revealed.

I teleported to Ironforge quite swiftly!

I guess some of you wonder why I play female characters? One of my guild friends would never entertain the idea of playing a female, whereas I know a couple of guildies that have rolled females. I am not sure why I did either, but it just seemed more appropriate that my mage, druid and priest were female. My pally, rogue, hunter and warrior are all males, doing the macho thing, and with the exception of the mage, they are both what I see as 'gentler' classes.

I have just seen how much I have written - I hope I haven't bored you to death too much, but if you do happen across this, let me know what you think. Although it is likely to focus on WoW, other things will be covered, like Formula 1, my job, plus various other things that are not WoW-related.