Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Maybe I should diary this?

I started with good intentions, I really did, but getting to do this every day is harder to do than it sounds!

What have I been up to that has kept me away for 3 days? Wii Sports, that's what! I saw a different technique on the bowling and have been practicing, with little success, unfortunately. I even made a new Mii to practice with, but been having an easier time with the tennis. Actually, on reflection I made the new Mii as my father in law mentioned that there is not much of an audience when you first start tennis. This was a long time ago for me (I am nearer 2000 than 1000 now, so always have a full court!), so started a new character to see for myself. I have taken the opportunity to practice my bowling with him too without affecting my main character.

On to World of Warcraft: first of all, Daergel. I can't remember how much I have told you about my main character, so quick precis: he is level 70. Notable events are that he dropped herbalism for tailoring, and only in the last few days has he made it to 375 and crafted the last piece of Frozen Shadoweave. He now has an epic flying mount, after what seemed ages grinding dailies for the cash to get the skill, and he is working for a netherdrake, which (in my opinion) looks like a proper Warlock mount.

I met up with a couple of Rohain's ex-guildies who are new to Alliance, but seem new to Outland, as they didnt know where the Netherwing chain started - I took them there and left them to it as it was getting late!

As I said, they used to be in the same guild as Rohain, but I took the decision to take Rohain from the guild for 2 reasons - I am into questing, not into RP (yes she is on an RP server, but that is because I was introduced to WoW by someone on that server!), and there never seems to be anyone online at the same time as me. Heroes of Old is much busier and I therefore have more opportunity to team up with guildies instead of pugging all the time. Rohain is 65 now and working through the Honor Hold quests, having got to within 1 point from Honored by running Ramparts and Blood Furnace, and filling in the rest of the time grinding Timbermaw Hold and Wintersaber Trainers rep, for the exalted rewards from both factions. It's long and boring!

Gaynor (my mage) dinged 52 in Western Plaguelands this evening, and I am hoping to get her to Outland before much longer. Ideally I want 3 level 70 players ready for the new expansion, Wrath of the Lich King. Apparently it is in alpha testing, so will be a few months yet, but I am sure this will melt away before I know it.

More later!

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