Friday, 11 April 2008

My holiday

I noticed last night after I had posted that I didn't mention my holiday. At all!

Two weeks in the hot sun, while in England it rained, or so I heard! I had never been to any part of Spain before - previous holidays were Corfu, Zante (or Zakynthos), Turkey and Crete - notice a pattern emerging?!! My son had been hassling for Spain, so I compromised with Menorca, and I have to say that I am glad that I did.

There were events for the children and the adults twice a day at the Apartments - we stayed at the Lord Nelson Apartments in Santo Tomas, which is a stone's throw from the beach, literally! We walked out on to the path behind the apartments, crossed over onto a wooden walkway down to what is probably one of the best beaches on the island. Son Bou beach was probably better, but much much busier than our one.

We also hired a car which allowed us to see more of the island, rather than being stuck in one place, and that was a good choice too, as the trips were overpriced, and some of the attractions were over sold. We went to some place that was meant to be fantastic, and all it was was a glorified cafe that doubled as a nightclub. The only view was the sea, which wasnt particularly exciting, and I am glad we didnt pay for a trip there - we stayed for a drink and then were on our way to Binibeka (or something!).

I was sorry when the 2 weeks were over, and definitely intend to go there again, when I can hopefully give a better account of the holiday as it will be fresh in my memory.

I'm off now to play some WoW as its getting late

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