Tuesday, 22 April 2008

What a day

After a fantastic day at Chessington yesterday - that was a day that rates up there with days that you want to replay - I had a really shit day today.

Maybe yesterday was the problem - it was such a great day that it highlighted just how much I really don't like my job. And that reminds me of 2 other things that hacked me off today; the first being that there were no jobs in my subscription today, and the agency didnt call me back about a job I enquired about last week.

Added to that, I had prepared everything for an appointment this evening, then my boss pulled it apart about 90 minutes before I was due to leave, so that I was still finishing up 5 minutes after I should have left. I know he is thorough but I think he overdoes it sometimes (hmmm just realised that overdoes and overdose are anagrams of each other - maybe there's a message in there somewhere...!).

Tomorrow will probably be crap as well when the shit will really hit the fan, as he was observing my appointment - even the client said that he repeated what I had told him, and yes, I will pass that on while I am receiving a bollocking for missing out just about everything that could be missed out.

All I can say at the moment is omfg I want a non-financial services related job - stacking shelves at Tesco is looking highly appealing right now...

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