Sunday, 13 April 2008

I missed a day!

I missed Saturday. That's because I watched TV with my wife - Saturdays are when we do that. After that we played on the Wii for awhile, then she went to bed, while I tried to increase my skill on the Wii Tennis - now up to 2007 after dropping to just over 1900 initially. A few weeks ago I was up at 1998, but had a rough run of games.

I also played some golf, which I found quite relaxing, and cooled down a little after playing the tennis, then I played Super Mario Galaxy for only the second time since we bought the game, which was in December!!!

On other matters, I am having issues with my Dell laptop. I have restored it as there was too much crap on there, but when I install the driver for the wireless card it freezes up and I cant use it. Bloody annoying, but I should be able to solve it.

Off now for a shower!

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