Sunday, 29 July 2007

My second post

Don't worry, I'm not going to number each of my posts like this, I am still thinking about what to call them - titles aren't really one of my strong points, but I can write a good suitability letter.

What is a suitability letter? In layman's terms, it is a letter of recommendation. I saw a client the other day, and recommended a mortgage, life cover, an investment and a pension, and I have to write them a suitabililty letter which confirms the reasons for the recommendation. It also protects both parties to a certain extent if a complaint arises in the future.

Anyway, back to WoW... I teamed up with a guildie last night to do a couple of quests in Stranglethorn Vale - he wanted me to help him with finding some big tablets - you need to find four - as he found that two of them were surrounded by mean looking trolls, some of which had orange hair. Quite worrying, really, but I asked him to share the quest, and it turns out I wasnt eligible, as I hadnt done Strange Medicine and killed 15 of the mobs in Kurzen's Compound.

That job done, we went looking for these tablets. Oh, I was playing my priest, by the way, which was a good job as lots of healing was needed, and the other chap drowned while doing one of the tablets. I managed to complete Curse of the Tides as well, so it helped my quest log, and I am about 6 bars off 41, and I havent handed those in yet.

Today, I havent really done anything much. It was one of those days when you have nothing planned, and you take full advantage, and the kids seemed to be absolutely fine all day. We got out a puzzle that we hadnt done in over 10 years (before our first one was born!!!), and both decided that they wanted to help. It is one of those 3d ones, so we are building a castle.

It is quite frustrating - when you get to a corner you are not always 100% sure whether you have them round the right way, as they either look like they match perfectly, or not quite, so you have to use a bit of trial and error before you get it right!

Anyway, I am off to play WoW now - hopefully I can dispatch Herod in the armory before the quest goes grey...

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