Monday, 30 July 2007

WoW and my graphics card

As I write this, my PC is restarting.

Whenever I go to Outland, Shattrath in particular... hold that thought, my PC now says CPU Over Temperture Error!

Not a typo here, but it does actually say that on my PC.

Anyway, Shattrath is the city of doom as far as my graphics card is concerned. At least, I assume it is my graphics card. Everyone I ask seems to point me in that direction, so I need to raise some cash to buy one.

I may be a financial adviser, but I am a poor one at the moment - new fence, new holiday, alarm on car repaired, serviced both cars, etc, etc, etc...

Anyway, graphics card. Well, when I go to Shattrath, all the buildings disappear, and you get people apparently walking in thin air. When you go into a building, it is just not worth bothering to try and work out how to get around. Sometimes hitting the Windows key works to take you back to the desktop, and go back in, and sometimes it doesn't, which necessitates a restart.

All because I was farming Netherweb Spider Silk with my lock, and wanted to sell some stuff in my bags and stock up on some food before I head out to the Bone Wastes.

Oops, that is the shopping arrived from Tesco - must dash!!!

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