Tuesday, 31 July 2007

More graphics card woes

I really should think about getting a new graphics card - it went about 3 times in Orgrimmar today, and again when I got to Shattrath. When I go to Shattrath I always port to SW as I can work out how to get to the main courtyard where the bank, AH is, etc, without having to restart. So I took care of business in SW, hearthed back to Allerian Stronghold and restarted my pc.

I have an Orc Warrior now, called Broxxigar (couldnt have the one 'x' version, so doubled it up). If you have read the War of the Ancients Trilogy you'll know where I am coming from with this name. At least it was not yet another Legolaaaaaas or variation thereof that you see on a semi-regular basis - at least he is actually native to Azerothian lore!

I get confused myself sometimes, so let me run through each of my characters:

Gnome Warlock - level 67
Human Mage - level 46
Night Elf Druid - level 34
Human Rogue - level 31
Dwarven Hunter - level 22
Draenei Priest - level 41
Human Paladin - level 28
Undead Mage - level 23
Blood Elf Warlock - level 8

Human Rogue - level 17
Human Warrior - level 14

Human Mage - level 16 (on a PVP server)

Tauren Shaman - level 15

Orc Warrior - level 12

The spaces divide the servers - I only have one on a PVP server; the others are on RP or PVE servers, so that if a server goes down, I always have an alternative, and at least I wont be in the newbie starting area, which is what happened on the PVP server when all the others seemd to be down - there wasnt a kobold to be had!

Anyway, I am off now to kill myself some Auchenai Doomsayers.

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