Monday, 6 August 2007

Formula 1 and computers

2 different things to cover, but 2 things that have been important over the last day or so.

Firstly, Formula 1. When I checked the ITV website at around 11pm on Saturday night, it said that the stewards were not going to take any action regarding the shenanigans in the final qualifying session, and that Alonso would retain his pole.

Imagine my surprise then, when I subsequently found out (when I turned the TV on to watch the race) that they had decided to not only move Alonso 5 places down the grid, but also not to award any constructors points to McLaren.

So apologies for the misinformation, but it was my source that was incorrect!

I think the stewards should have kept out of it personally, even though it would have meant that Alonso would have retained his pole position. (My friend wanted them to take each other out in the first corner so that Kimi could win, but that is another issue entirely!) Not for the reasons that they would potentially have denied Ferrari the additional points, but from the point of view that McLaren had the front row, and Alonso was (allegedly) acting on the instructions of his engineer. Additionally, it seems that Lewis was partly to blame for the mess, so should they not have penalised him as well? (I can see eager nods from Ferrari fans here!!!)

Anyway, 3 weeks now to Turkey, and if anything of note happens in the coming week I'll include it here.

Second subject: computers; specifically, mine! I went to visit my friend yesterday, and I took my PC with me so that we could play some WoW while I was up there. After spending some time tinkering with trying to get me on the wireless network, we eventually gave up and didn't manage to play at all, which was a shame. I did get to see WoW on a big wide-screen tv, and I have to say that it looks fantastic.

Anyway, I set my computer back up at home, and for some reason it a) wouldn't automatically connect to my wireless network, and b) once I forced it to connect, it wouldn't stay connected.

I tried various things, all to no avail, then remembered that I had swapped my sound card and my wireless network card in my pc, as we thought that it might be better for the graphics card to have more air to circulate round it. Fair point, but I swapped the cards back round to their original spots, and hey presto - everything now works fine.

Still no solution to my gaming problems though, the visits to Shattrath City still produce the same results, and even my friend and another guildie (who popped round so that I could meet him) thought it was really strange; they have never seen that before.

Anyway, time to finish up here for now - but one last note - 5 days to go to my holiday!

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