Thursday, 9 August 2007

Karazhan and Badlands

My internet connection was down most of Wednesday, and when it returned it kept dropping off and coming back, so my WoW connection had serious lag (at some points over 10,000ms latency), and numerous disconnections.

I did however manage to get to Karazhan and pick up the two attunement quests, and start one of them, but it was pretty unplayable with all my connection issues, so I had to give it up as a bad job.

My warlock is now sitting outside the front door of Karazhan with his Felguard to keep him company, until I go back and continue the attunement quests, in between continuing in Nagrand. I really want to hit 69 before I go on holiday, so I have pretty much one evening to get it done, then it will be a push to hit 70 before the end of September.

As my warrior friend was on-line I got my priest out and we finished off one of the Uldaman 'outside instance' quests - the Power Stones, and just pottered about Badlands really. I dinged 43 with my priest, added another talent point to my holy tree, and with the quest hand-ins, I am not far off halfway through the level to 44, where I get more spells.

I have recently respecced my mage from fire to frost, for Searing Gorge, and so far I am not impressed; she hits nowhere near as hard as she used to, and I am wondering whether I should have taken the pain with the fire-immune mobs and blasted my way through everything else - I know an arcane-specced mage of a similar level to me who is also in the Gorge, so I may enlist his help. He is, incidentally, also the warrior that teams up with my priest!

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