Friday, 3 August 2007

The next WoW expansion

It seems to be official: Wrath of the Lich King will be the name of the next expansion, and will be based in Northrend, which is a large glacier in the north.

This information can be seen on, but I have put it here for ease of reference:

*It is going to Northrend! With level 80 and new abilities! If some Objects are achieved, you can create a new Character. The Death Knight. He starts straight in High Level Area.
*In PVP there will be finally be the long-ago announced siege weapons available and there will be destroyable buildings, plus a new battleground
*The Deathknight will be a kind of Damage Dealer and at the same time a Tank with so far non existant new abilities. He will be playable by Alliance and Horde, but it will be just certain Races who will have the possibility to create a Death Knight. He is the first Hero class and other will probably come in the following Expansions.
* New possibilities of designing your Character.
* You will fight against the Lich King Arthas!
* Leveling from 70 to 80 will take as much time as leveling from 60 to 70.
* Howling Fjord will be the first area you will arrive to. Afterwards there will be areas following like Grizzly Hills and Dragonblight.
* The first Dungeon will be Utgarde Keep. You will be able to enter it at level 70 and it will be a 5-man Instance. 25er Dungeons will still be existant, just as well as Heroic Instances.
* New Profession: Inscription – Enduring amplification of spells and abilities.
* There will be a Cinematic Intro.
* Northrend will be about as big as Outlands.

Sounds interesting, although some people in game have expressed concerns about levelling a new character to 80. Others have said that perhaps a re-tune of the levelling from 1-60 would maybe be a good idea - I myself have said that there is a spot in the early 40s where it is a bit of a grind.

Saying that though, got my priest up to 42 last night on the back of some questing in Stranglethorn Vale with one of my friends who is a tank. Almost perfect combination; healer and tank working together. Unfortunately the 2 officers in our guild are on holiday at the moment, and we really want to do Uldaman sooner rather than later, and with my holiday looming, it seems that it may be nearer September before this happens.

The other 2 are a pally and a mage, so a warlock in the party would be ideal, in my opinion.

Meanwhile, in Nagrand, my warlock managed to get some assistance with the bird in the quest Bring me the Egg - I eventually managed to land in the nest, after some issues with trajectory. You remember I said yesterday that you can cancel the buff immediately? Well you can, but you need to be 100% certain that you will land in the nest if you do this; I died a few times as I was off target, so best to wait until you know, and if you are off target, you leave the buff on and land safely!

My friend in WoW doesnt seem to have any motivation to get his character to level 70; he seems happier questing in old world. Each to their own, I guess, but I want the chance to get attuned for, and play, Karazhan, with my guild. Now that the new expansion has been named, it will probably be before the end of the year before it is released, and if it renders the currently 'new' instances obsolete like The Burning Crusade did, Kara will remain unexplored for many, just like Black Rock Depths does for me now.

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