Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Nagrand and Scholomance

No real news on Formula 1 at the moment; it is just more of the same, save that Ron Dennis has said that Alonso is free to leave McLaren early if he cannot live with the fact that he will be treated the same as Lewis Hamilton; he will not be given preferential treatment.

I ventured ever closer to level 69 with my warlock, by completing the first part of the hunter quests, which are collected at the Hemet Nesingwary encampment in NE Nagrand. It was a little boring having to kill 90 creatures, but also strangely relaxing - there was no real pressure as the creatures are not hostile until you attack them, so you are not going to get bogged down with multiple mobs attacking you, unless you inadvertently run into an elemental, of course!

I also did a guild Scholo run, as I needed some ingredients for my enchantments for my mage, and was told that Scholo was the best place to collect them. Although it was a guild run, to begin with I was the highest level player, which surprised me somewhat. After a while though we invited a lvl 70 player in to speed things up as people were on timescales. I got a few shards and essences, which helped, but to really progress my enchanting (and tailoring) I need to get my mage to level 50.

The only other thing I did recently was do a couple of Uldaman quests with my priest and a warrior who is in the guild. The quests we did were not in the instance itself, but concentrated on the entrance and the first dig site. We'll need a full group for the instance, and I would rather run it with the guild, however one of the main players was watching football...

I am hoping to do the next round of Nagrand quests, hand in some others that I have completed along the way, and hopefully start working toward the magical level 70 where I can hopefully start to work towards Kara attunement.

My gear will need a complete overhaul before I go to Kara, but without the benefit of having run various instances I am not really sure how I am going to achieve this, as a lot of the epic gear is picked up in raids and not possible to sell in the Auction House.

Any suggestions gratefully received!!!

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