Thursday, 2 August 2007

On to Nagrand!

Terrorclaw, Mragesh and the venom quests were done quickly and easily, as I thought. I then wandered over to Sporeggar to hand in my 60 Glowcaps, but after handing in one lot I got to friendly rep, so now I have 50 Glowcaps that I don't know what to do with.

I could save them for my next char to get that far, but the time it has taken me to get my lock this far, it could be another year before she is ready! Maybe Auction House or simply vendor them, but I'll decide later, when I keep running out of bag space.

I had a look at the newly available quests in Sporeggar, but declined them for now; I may go back later to complete, but I am not particularly motivated to go back to Zangar right now - I still have Blades Edge, Shadowmoon and Netherstorm to do after Nagrand, which I have just started, and with me being halfway through 68 I will be 70 before I finish at Nagrand.

I got that egg quest today as well - the quest called 'Bring Me the Egg!' After several attempts and wondering why I was sailing straight over the top, I managed to work it out, and landed in there on my first attempt. I tried to demonstrate a bit later to another player, and missed the nest and died from the fall!

The key to this is to aim for the bit that sticks up from the nest, and cancel the buff just before you get directly above the nest. I have seen comments that say that you can cancel the buff immediately, but I haven't tested this, so can't confirm whether it will work. It is a good idea to unequip any items with durability ratings to reduce the repair bill from fatal falls.

I have seen other suggestions to go to a big hill which I think is south east of the nest, and use a carrot on a stick or other speed increasing trinket or buff with your epic mount, and jump with the buff from the trampoline. This saves you from a sticky end, but as the graveyard is so close, it shouldn't be too much of an issue.

Anyway, I got the egg from the first attempt, but then the bird got me, even with my felguard helping. Apparently it is fearable, so that is something I shall try next time. The recommended way of killing the bird is dot, dot, dot, fear, rinse and repeat, so I shall try that next time.

I don't tend to use fear very much as I had it instilled into me at an early stage of my playing life that fear is BAD, as more often than not the feared mob collects his mates who come back and finish you off. I have tried fear (and its variations on my other characters) and used it to good effect, but only when I really think about it - perhaps it is something I should try more often (but not in an instance like Gnomeregan...)

This is old news, but I heard that Blizzard will be introducing a guild bank, and in-game voice chat. I can see good and bad about both of these new features - I am sure there will be cases of ninja looters with the bank, and to suddenly find out that female priest you have been questing with for 3 months is actually a 12 year old schoolboy could be a bit disconcerting, to say the least!

For someone who was wondering what I would write about to begin with, I do tend to waffle, but anyway, back to work for me!!!

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