Saturday, 4 August 2007

It seems that it was Lewis's fault...

According to Ron, it was Lewis Hamilton's fault that he didn't get his last timed lap in, as he apparently should have let Alonso past in the final qualifying session.

The stewards have also ruled that nothing was amiss in the pitstop as well, so Alonso's pole stands.

All well and good, but the engineers, or someone in the team knew that Lewis would miss out on his final hot lap due to the delay and should have sent Alonso out immediately, shouldn't they?

I guess it doesn't really matter to Ron, as both his cars occupy the first two spaces on the grid, and also the first space in the Constructor's Championship, which is all he is worried about; the Driver's Championship is secondary to him.

Which leads me on to another point, if he is not bothered as much about the Driver's Championship, then why doesn't he allow his drivers to keep their trophies? He gets a trophy each time one of his drivers wins a race, and I would have thought that anything less than a win would be a painful reminder for him - he has been known to say that losing races causes him pain (poor cherub - how does he manage!).

All that aside, looks like it could be a good race tomorrow, but I hope Damon Hill's commentary improves. I for one wasn't impressed by Martin Brundle's replacement this year. Last year it was Anthony Davidson, who I feel did a great job, and it was especially good as his (then) team celebrated his maiden victory.

Sorry about the lack of WoW blogging today, but I don't normally play as much at the weekend!

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